Scotland’s leading supplier and fitter of HID kits

We are Scotland's leading suppliers and fitters of HID kits, LED BMW Angel Eye conversions and the new LED daytime running lights, also known as LED DRL lights, which have now become compulsory on all vehicles produced after 2011.

Our retrofit HID kits are of superior quality and will replace any standard (H1, H4, H7, 9006/HB4) light bulb in any vehicle. These may be used to either upgrade your halogen headlights to HID or upgrade fog lights to HID.
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HID kits fitted from £120

UltraXenon HID kits are designed and engineered in Japan at an ISO 9002 and E-mark certified factory. Highly comparable to OEM Philips, HELLA kits, our UltraXenon HIDs kits use the same chipset in the ballasts as used in Philips and HELLA kits but without the high OEM price tag with re-packaging and the Philips branding.

Our UltraXenon HID kit has been specifically designed and developed to overcome the conflicts of sophisticated ECU systems which cause bulb error warnings. Our kit boasts compatibility without OBC errors on manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Ranger Rover.

Technical specifications of Xenon LED lights:

  • 50% energy saving; uses half the energy of halogen lights
  • 35W HID; up to 300% more brightness compared to a normal 55W halogen bulb and longer projection distance
  • Colour is much closer to natural sunlight making it safer and clearer at night
  • AMP water-proof sealed connectors
  • Exact size and fitting to your OEM power source
  • Rated to last 2500 hours
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Benefits of Xenon LED lights

Are you thinking of upgrading to Xenon HID lights? Xenon LED lights provide a brighter light output which creates a safer road experience when travelling at night and helps prevent potential accidents.
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LED bulbs and fog lamp conversions

Switch to high performance LED bulbs! LED bulbs help improve your car’s visibility to other drivers. We can help you chose from a range of LED bulbs to find what’s right for your vehicle. LED bulbs look great when combined with Xenon HID headlights, and they last longer than standard bulbs.

You can also benefit from our range of LED fog lights. They are a great match to Xenon headlight bulbs and are designed for longer life and better road visibility.
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Range Rover LED daytime lights 

  • Daytime running lights for the Range Rover 
  • High-quality LED lamps to upgrade your Range Rover
  • We supply and fit these DRLs with vehicle-specific housing to give a professional upgrade
  • Very sought after modification, not easily available!
  • DRLs correspond to original equipment standards
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  • Daytime running lights for the Ford Focus RS Mk2
  • High quality LED lamps to upgrade your Ford Focus RS
  • We supply and fit these DRLs with vehicle-specific housing to give a professional upgrade
  • Very sought after modification, not easily available!
  • DRLs correspond to original equipment standards 
  • Ignition on, DRLs on
  • Headlights ON, DRLs - 30% reduced brightness
  • Ignition off,  DRLs off
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Mercedes L shape LED DRL

  • Mercedes L shape style LEDs with same functions as the current models
  • Available for the C class W204 models C300-C350
  • Each unit consists of 7 LEDs just as the actual Mercedes DRL lights for increased brightness in day and night driving.
  • Fitted from only £380
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Mercedes straight LED DRL

  • White bright LED lights can fit to your old model to achieve the same look as seen on the new current model Mercedes
  • All kits are completely EU approved and require no modifications to existing wiring
  • Auto LED on function - Engine on, LED on 
  • Same function as original
  • OEM finish and function
  • Fitted from only £300
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