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At Customised Vehicles, we can supply and fit Aftermarket (OE) Parking Sensors for all Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda models, and Optical Parking Sensors (OPS) are available for all other vehicle makes and models. We can fit all other vehicle models with front and rear parking sensors, rear view cameras and visual aids. These are available as flush fit or push fit depending on bumper type, and all are available with and without a visual screen for proximity display while reversing.
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Excellent quality products

If you’re new behind the wheel and need help with parking, we can install parking sensors to make the process simpler. You can be confident knowing that all our parking sensors and reverse camera systems can be fitted to both new and older models of your car. We supply original genuine parts and provide a full warranty and receipt on completion.

Book your car in for a service at our garage. We will supply genuine or OE quality products with a discreet beeping sound and optional visual aid.

Benefits of installing parking sensors:

  • Driver and vehicle safety enhanced
  • Amazing buy for drivers who experience difficulty manoeuvring
  • Helps detect obstacles behind and in front of your car
  • Enables you to get into tight spots easily
  • Helps prevent accidents
  • Protects your car from expensive bumps and scrapes
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High-quality sensors and cameras fitted

We understand that a warning system is essential to prevent accidents and aid you in parking. With our advanced parking sensors, you can park with confidence and ease! Our reversing cameras can be colour coded to match your vehicle. We offer a quality aftermarket option at a fraction of the cost of original equipment.
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For suitable parking sensors or reversing cameras for your vehicle, 
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