Upgrade to the latest trend of LED DRLs

At Customised Vehicles, we supply and fit LED DRLs for all Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Seat, Range Rover models, and other vehicles. LED daytime lights are special lamps which are automatically switched on when the engine is started. They substantially increase the visibility of motor vehicles to other road users, and have a low energy consumption compared to existing dipped-beam head lamps.
LED day time lights

Product features:

Safety: Daytime driving alertness and driver safety to oncoming traffic, avoiding accidents.

Energy conservation: LED DRL use low power consumption. These can save more power than using open headlights during the daytime.

Environmental protection: These DRL have moderate brightness, thus do not produce glare for oncoming vehicles. The materials used for manufacture are renewable, environmentally friendly and can be reused.

Exclusive Hamann style LED DRLs

    • Universal LED DRLs feature an innovative technical design and concept
    • Perfectly fit to bigger model cars or cars with sporty bumpers, ensuring a functional but stylish upgrade as well
    • Lightweight aluminium housing and 5 high-power LEDs per light
    • Parabolic LED inner lens to focus and enhance lighting power of LEDs
    • Advanced ECU control unit allows the lights to be used as position lights only or position light and DRL
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    Experienced technicians

    Our team has the knowledge and experience to carry out your car upgrades. We are well-placed to provide aftermarket and bespoke vehicle solutions for garages and private owners across Glasgow.
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    German LED technology for your vehicle!
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