Find the right accessory for your car!

At Customised Vehicles, we can supply and fit alloy wheels for any make, model and modification of vehicles. We can advise on the right alloy wheels that will fit your car. Our team will help you find products that are compatible with your vehicle. Choose from a range of styles, colours, and materials that best meet your requirements.
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Professional fitting of your alloy wheels

Make your car standout from the crowd! Alloy wheels add a great visual impact to your vehicle and are more resilient to damage. Whatever style and type of alloys you’re looking for, we have the rims for you. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and technical know-how, offering you a range of options. Leave your vehicle with us and we’ll get your car done the way you want it.

Contact us to help you pick the perfect set of alloy wheels.
    • Alloy wheels enhance the look of your car
    • Help improve fuel economy
    • Provide better handling and reduce steering effort
    • Improve braking performance
    • Do not rust

    We can also restore the look of your alloy wheels with our refurbishing services.
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    Do you fancy new wheels for your vehicle?
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